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by Tate Engineering

At our own expense, we have hired Tate Engineering to topo and design a legal driveway to these ten acres.  We are providing a short private easement across our land which allows the proposed driveway established access to the paved section of Rimrock road.

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For Sale by Owner:

This stunning 10-acre portion of our larger 120-year-old homestead is a South facing 10 acres on top of a very rare finger ridge off the very desirable Rimrock road area in Hayden, North Idaho. This property offers real privacy and some of the most outstanding panoramic views in the region. From the hayfield gazing east, you can enjoy a spectacular sunrise over the CDA national forest, which is only a couple of miles away. Unobstructed southern views clear down to CDA Lake. Swinging westward you have uncluttered views of Post Falls and the mountain ranges heading north, both in Idaho and Washington States. In winter time you can enjoy the Mount Spokane night skiing lights and still look further north along the mountains. The clear sky sun rises and crimson red sunsets are amazing. You can even see weather coming for hours away from there.

Wildlife is abundant. Elk, deer, turkeys are visiting on a regular basis and love to graze the hidden hayfield and rest in the protected forest land.

This is a very unique parcel as there are no compatibles because there are no finger ridges left like this one in the north Hayden area. This beautiful parcel offers a very peaceful and quiet setting. No roads are bordering the land and there is only one distant adjoining single neighbor, and the remaining bordering land has not been built on. 
This 10-acre parcel is approx. 850’ wide (east to west) and 525’ (north to south). The center is about a four-acre groomed and well-maintained hayfield. The remaining acres are fully cleared opening up a healthy forest. It has been recently masticated at great expense to us, being professionally done per State and Federal requirements. Most of all, the entire hay field and most portions of the forest have year-round SOUTHERN exposure. 

At our own expense, we have hired Tate Engineering to topo and design a legal driveway to these ten acres.  We are providing a short private easement across our land which allows the proposed driveway established access to the paved section of Rimrock road.

The proposed driveway easement option will need to be developed by the purchasers if they choose to do so. Another option to consider is to purchase an adjacent southern 5.21 acres currently listed at  (MLS # 18-7332) by a third party, which includes a legally recorded easement 100 yards wide and about 250 yards long from Derting road, creating a second access route.
Our beautiful 10-acre parcel offers several building sites for a home, shop, RV, outbuildings, barn and corrals or whatever you wish. There is currently power along two sides of the property. Electric lines towards the West are buried underground and poles are gone, allowing now for an unobstructed view.
This property has had a portion witched personally by the owner of United Pump and Drilling Company for several drill sites. He also provided an estimated cost to develop these resources.
There is currently an existing private dirt road to this 10 acres parcel to show it only, but it does not conform to current County and Fire Dept. requirements. It also crosses over much of our remaining property, so this is not considered an option and it will remain solely our private road. 

We are offering this 10-acre parcel with short-term owner financing as an option.
This opens several directions to consider.

1.    We can carry the contract for up to 5 years with a large down payment, and fixed monthly payments with interest. Paying the full balance at the conclusion of the 5 year contract term.
This option allows for NO development done on this property until the Five year contract terms are met and paid in Full.

2.    We might consider a subordination contract to a party wishing to develop more than one home. By purchasing the optional 5.21 acres (MSL #18-7332) with a second easement this entire parcel could be divided into three (5) acres parcels. This contract would also require a large down payment with a reasonable interest rate attached to it.
In either case, details of any contract will be drawn up by our Estate Attorney. Under no circumstances will we ever release ownership of this 10-acre parcel until any contracts are fully paid off beforehand.
Please examine all the information we have provided.
We choose not to involve Realtors which includes paying them, so our own time here is being invested, and we respectfully asked that only financial qualified persons contact us.

All and all we truly doubt you can find such a parcel offering so much and yet is only about ten miles from the town of Hayden. You can look at this land on Google maps and expand out to see how close it is to the National Forest, Lake Pend Oreille, Silverwood, five miles to Hwy. 95, on a School Bus route and privacy.


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